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our history

Our History

Our Brand

People's values are shifting away from materialism and toward lasting moments. They want to remember the things that meant the most to them and have that captured in a real way.

People are tired of the old way of thinking, they want their moments to be beautiful, to be transportive and evoke emotion from others looking.

There is so much room for inventive thinking and imagery. Stepping away from the status quo and into an island vibe with foreign inspiration.

And that's why we're here. We are here to be the next generation of storytellers, to capture the realities in every moment and serve it in a way that takes people from one place to the next.

Bajan Pro Manifesto

Our Story

Bajanpro was launched in 2016 as I guess you could say, a side hustle. It began as an after-school hobby and rapidly developed into a full-time entrepreneurial enterprise. As the sole owner and Creative Director of Bajanpro, Zack pushed to finish his university degree in physics in order to go all in with Bajanpro. Bajanpro is a creative media production company located in Barbados that manages the production process from conception to completion. We have grown from covering local events to taking on projects on the global scale and believe this is just the start.

Bajan Pro