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As we arrived at the track, excitement crackled in the air. We couldn't wait to hop into our karts and tear up the asphalt like the F1 drivers we felt we were.

Meanwhile, Kris, ever the patient (or perhaps not so patient) one, was getting into the zone from way before 'go'. See, Kris' intimidating stare down to the left.

But wait, what's this? Tamal, proudly showcasing his nimble thumbs, are working, a sure sign that he was primed and ready for action.





Coincidentally, Tristan's thumbs were working too.

With engines roaring and GoPros running, we were ready. 

Let's just say... The race was anything but an F1 race.

Jamar was convinced his kart was slower than all the rest. 

What do you think?

From the left, we had Tamal, Zack, Tristan, Jamar, Nathan, Kris, Ezra, and Malik. Where the trophies came from, we’ll never know.